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Q: What is to Top is a one-stop wedding directory to help you find wedding Services and professionals to meet your needs.

Q: I want to add my site to the listing. Is there any site submissions requirement?Back to Top
Yes, your site should adhere to the following
  1. If your site is not listed currently, kindly click on 'List your Business' option on the homepage. Fill in the registration form accurately. Make sure to fill in 'business description' section on the registration page. Filling in the business description will ensure that your business gets featured in the search results. Additionally you must choose the most appropriate category for your business and also use relevant keywords to describe your business.
  2. Your site must not be under construction must be active 24/7.
  3. Your site should not feature any adult Content, such as coarse language, nudity, violence or pornography. We reserve the right to reject any submitted sites that we feel are not appropriate to
  4. Please do not use ALL CAPS in either your website title or description.
  5. Your site must not mirror Content from another website.

Q: Do I need a website to apply?Back to Top
No. It is not necessary to have a website.

Q: How do I find my listing?Back to Top
You can search for your listing by specifying the category and sub-category in the 'Looking for' field and locality or area where your business is located in the 'Locality' search field.

Q: How long will my Listing be on to Top
Your Listing will continue to appear on till you send us a formal request to remove your listing.

Q: How soon after I submit my application will my listing be seen in the search area of to Top
Once your account registration is completed, your business listing will appear on's search area within 2-3 business days. You will be able to log into your account with your username and password immediately after you complete the registration process.

Q: Is the information contained in my profile permanent?Back to Top
No. You may update the information in your account as often as you wish by clicking the 'Account Settings' and 'Business Settings' tabs once you login using your username and password.

Q: What if I want to suggest a category, I don't see on the category list?Back to Top
There are new categories added to on a regular basis. If you feel that your industry complements our existing community of businesses, please click here to suggest a category.

Q: What would be my position in the listing?Back to Top
The listing will appear in ascending order of the membership category you have listed in. For example a platinum member will be listed before a gold, silver or a classified member. Within the particular membership category you listing will be displayed on the homepage on a rotational basis. Your listing will also feature in the search results page. However, the listings on the search results page will be displayed on the basis of relevance to a keyword. So make sure you describe your business using the appropriate keywords.

Q: How can I upgrade my membership category?Back to Top
You can move up the option ladder by paying the difference of the fee. It is not necessary for you to complete your membership period before upgrading to another membership category or else contact us.

Q: The link to my website doesn't work. Why?Back to Top
If you have submitted Content to our site, including a link to your website but find that when you click the link to your website it doesn't work, then you have likely entered the URL incorrectly.

Please check the URL link to your website and make sure you have entered the FULL path correctly, including the required "http://www." portion of it.
eg., not just

Q: How can I discontinue the Listings Service?Back to Top
To discontinue your listing, all you will need to do is send us an email, from the valid email listed in our directory, requesting removal. You will not receive a refund. For security reasons, we will not delete listings unless we can verify the request is from the person or business that submitted the original listing.

If you are unable to find solution to your query then feel free to write to us.